Travertine Tiles

This beautiful stone is a unique form of limestone deposited from mineral springs. Travertine is available in either filled or unfilled. Filled offers a smooth look and feel, whereas unfilled offers a more natural and unique look due the pitted surface. When you buy travertine tiles at Sydney Tile Gallery, you have a choice of both looks.

Travertine pavers and tiles have been used throughout the ages, from the Ancient Romans and their elaborate works – including the Colosseum – and into the present day, with the stone being incorporated in the Willis Tower (Chicago) and also the Getty Centre (Los Angeles). You can recreate the aesthetic of these iconic buildings in your own home, thanks to our luxurious yet affordable range of travertine pavers, which you can view in our Sydney showroom, or online on our website.


Travertine pavers add luxury to any area where it is used, whilst also incorporating a natural feel. The stone itself is fairly robust, and can be applied as a finish to almost all aspects of architecture, including floors, walls, driveways, pool surrounds and even kitchen or bathroom bench tops. Our travertine pavers are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor areas, as they have the durability necessary for outside areas, plus the underfoot texture you want in indoor flooring.

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We import a wide range of natural stone pavers and tile products from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey, and are committed to selling all products at an affordable price.

Come to our showroom in Sydney’s Concord, and you can experience the natural beauty and versatility of our products up close.

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For a truly versatile and durable paving option, why not consider travertine tiles from Sydney Tile Gallery? We stock only the highest quality products to ensure they’ll last you a lifetime. Step into our showroom, or if you’re ready to buy travertine tiles, the online contact form is an efficient way to ask us any questions about your required dimensions or applications. To submit an online form, click here, or call us on 0415 068 469 to order and buy your tiles today.