Buy Mosaic Tiles at Sydney Tile Gallery

Mosaic is an ancient art form that incorporates small pieces of coloured glass, stone or other solid material, assembled in a pattern.

Mosaic has been incorporated in many notable buildings spanning hundreds of years, to notable architectural uses such as the famous Copacabana Beach walkway. When you buy mosaic tiles in Australia from us, you have the opportunity to create your own design masterpiece - with ten times less installation effort.

Mosaic Tiles can be used almost anywhere. Add the extra feature to a bathroom wall or floor, kitchen splashbacks or any internal wall, pool waterlines or the entire pool itself. The flexibility and ease of application allows for mosaic tiles to be placed wherever your creative edge takes you.

Whilst our valued customers cannot currently buy mosaic tiles online direct from us, we do invite online enquiries, and orders can be completed over the phone or at our showroom.

25x25mm DOT MOUNTED