Sandstone Tiles

At Sydney Tile Gallery, we stock a select range of sandstone tiles and pavers to suit every Sydney home. Available in a choice of three different finishes - Sandblasted, Honed and Split – this product is ideal for poolside and feature wall applications. We also stock this product in a variety of tones, including Coogee, Mount White, Pietra Serena and Himalayan Gold Sandstone.

We stock a full range of sandstone tiles in our Sydney showroom, where you and your designer can come in and see for yourself the natural beauty of sandstone pavers. You can also view all of our current sandstone tiles online. Click on the images below for details on finishes, colours and dimensions.

Explore the versatility of pavers

The various finishes on our pavers make them an extremely versatile choice for pool areas, courtyards, patios and feature walls. Each paver retains their own unique surface, meaning no two tiles are exactly the same. To get the most out of your pavers, we recommend you seal them with a specialised sealer. You can view all of our stone products online. Click here for more details.

Sydney’s premier stone importer

Sydney Tile Gallery imports beautiful natural stone and tile products from Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Italy, and sells them at affordable prices. Visit our showroom in Concord, where our experienced staff members can help you choose the product that’s right for your home.

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We believe that designer paving and tiling should be available for all home owners to enjoy, and shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. We keep a close eye on Australian trends in particular, and stock a range of both modern and classic designs so that we can provide you with well-informed advice on the best-suited products for the interior and exterior of your home. Come into our Concord showroom to experience our exceptional service, or if you’re looking to buy sandstone tiles, our online contact form is an easy way to ask us detailed questions about our products. Submit an online form, or call us on 0415 068 469 to order and buy your porcelain tiles today.